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kamz Inkzone

kamz Inkzone
kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Divinya at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Meet the team

KamzInkZone is a team of two expert like minded tattoo artists. Both of them share similar vision and does wonderful job in their own field of expertise.

KamzInkZone team consists of 2 tattoo artists, Kamz himself and Divinya .

So you want a tattoo?

Having numerous years of experience leads Kamz and his team to work on body modification in terms of finest elegant tattoos.With a passion to produce great artistic original work in friendly and affordable manner ,they are here to provide you delightful experience .So come and see what everyone has been raving about.

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Kamz loves what he does.He is a tattoo lover.He loves to be captured especially when he is fully professional.Not only Kamz featured for some of the big brands but also in music videos.He is an adventurous dude.He always seek out, create or seize the opportunities for adventure that exist around him.Other than this, Kamz nocturnal habits makes him distinctive.Being big party animal, he is crazy about night-outs.

Moreover travelling around and exploring innovative things is one of the best experiences which he never miss out that is why he loves chilling outside the town as well as on foreign tours.Few of them are Dubai,Thailand,Phi Phi ,Singapore,Russia,Holland etc….

Contact To Manager

"If you need a tattoo that suits your personality or if you have a tattoo idea for yourself, contact our manager at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo for Appointment."

Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

Bli Balraj Bhatti

Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

Nitin Gautam


Lovedeep Thaman

Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

Vizz Sharma

Training Team

Kamz and his team is highly passionate about their tattoos and their clients and it shows in the level of service they provide.Their customer friendly team not only provides the best service but also train the new comers in the tattoo arena.

Even if you are brand new and wants to set the world on fire, Kamz Inkzone team is here to instruct and up-skill you so that you can show the world that you know the best.In no days, they will jelled you providing “Wings to your dreams”...

Hall of Fame

Many celebrities have got inked from Kamz Inkzone Tattoo. Visit our Hall of Fame to know which of your favourite personalities have got themselves inked.

Celebrity with Kamz

Social News

You can now Keep yourself updated on social media with Kamz Inkzone Tattoo and have an important information regarding our new collections and conventions.We are on Facebook and Twitter.You can go through these sites and can have a look of our new pics,videos,tweets and many more…


  • A-Kay at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


  • Jazzy-B at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


  • Zora at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Zora Randhawa

  • Garry Sandhu at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Garry Sandhu

  • Sukhe at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


  • Mr. Vgrooves at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Mr. Vgrooves

  • Sara Gurpal at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Sara Gurpal

  • Shrey Sean at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Shrey Sean

  • Vadda Grewal at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Vadda Grewal

  • Jashan Nannarh at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Jashan Nanarh

  • Manpreet Gony at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Manpreet Gony

  • Master Saleem at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Master Saleem

  • Gurjazz Sandhu at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo

    Gurjazz Sandhu

  • J-Swag at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo


  • Musahib at Kamz Inkzone Tattoo



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We are here to Help!

Kamz Inkzone Tattoo is always available for you.You can contact and reach to us at anytime .We assure you that we’ll happily response your queries.So,no worries…..just contact us as we are eagerly waiting for you to make our relationships even more intense.